Detoxify Now with Pancha Karma

Our Toxic Overload

In 2018, we dumped 70 million tons of toxins into the atmosphere. That doesn’t include the pollutants in our food, soil and water or the toxic sludge that is accumulated from improperly digested food.  Your body has its detoxification pathways.  But when these pathways aren’t working properly, toxins build up and potentially trigger symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, rashes, and many different types of digestive disorders.  These initial symptoms may evolve into more serious illnesses.  Thus, detoxification therapies can be one of the most powerful tools of preventative health care.  


What is Pancha Karma?

Thousands of years ago,  Ayurvedic sages developed a system of gentle detoxification and cleansing that continues to be effective for our modern world. This detoxification system is called Pancha Karma..  In Ayurveda, the word for toxins is ama. These toxins (ama) are peeled away through the multi-step process of Pancha Karma, allowing your body to reset and connect with its innate capacity to maintain balance. Pancha Karma is one of the most powerful therapeutic tools in Ayurveda, both as a preventative tool and as a therapeutic tool to support the healing from disease and imbalances.  


Pancha Karma is a process that can go from 7-28 days.  Some Pancha Karma programs can go longer, but most programs fall within this time frame.  There are 3 parts of the Pancha Karma process:


  • Preparatory process to dislodge and move toxins to prepare them for elimination 

  • Techniques to remove toxins from the body

  • Rejuvenation and rebuilding digestive and lymphatic pathways


Some Information on the Process

Part of this process is done by you in your home and another part of the process is done at the center.  Each plan is designed individually for each client.  It starts with a comprehensive evaluation.  From there, a step-by-step daily plan will be created for you.  The plan involves a daily calendar of meal plans, internal and external therapeutic use of oil and ghee, massage, heat therapies, purgative herbs to move the accumulated out of the body and colon treatments.  In addition, great emphasis is placed on integrating meditation and stress reduction practices during this period.  



Here is a general estimate for the cost of Pancha Karma. The final cost is established after the initial evaluation.  Cost may vary based on the body therapies that are recommended.  The therapies conducted in the center during Pancha Karma include abhyanga (Ayurvedic detoxification massage), svedana (steam treatment), and anuvasana and niruha basti (colon treatment).  Other therapies may be recommended for a client, but these are the core essentials that you will experience at the center. Supplies and herbs for Pancha Karma are an additional expense.  This is an outpatient program.  Out-of-town clients often stay in nearby home or hotel rentals.  


  • Comprehensive Ayurvedic and Pancha Karma Consultation for New Clients - $200

  • Pancha Karma Consultation for Current Clients - $110


General estimate for the cost of the Pancha Karma process.   

  • 7-day program with 2-days of therapies at the center - approximately $690

  • 21-day program with 3-days of therapies - approximately $1215

  • 28-day program with 4-days of therapies - approximately $1620

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"Over the past year I've been going to Rita to regain balance in my life. Her comprehensive approach to healing is highly effective. She provides simple day to day advice that includes meditation, body work, nutritional supplements that are catered specially to me. Most recently I experienced her Pancha Karma  program. The process helped me release many physical and emotional toxins and make room for healing, love, and overall rejuvenation. Rita is a beautiful teacher for self-reliance, her work is truly healing and transformative." 

- Noemi, Community Advocate