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Celebrating the people who transformed
their lives with the help of Ayurveda

"Rita turned my grandson's life around. He was really suffering with ADHD and Tourettes. He is 17 starting college and finishing his last semester. The ability to focus was so bad he was really thinking of going on medication. Then we found Rita, with her calm manner, her suggestions at life changes, herbs and yoga he is another person. He is laughing again, smiling, very affectionate instead of always so angry and frustrated. We are so grateful to Rita for helping him to make positive life changes. I wish the teachers had a mandatory course in Ayurvedic healing and what it can do for their students. We are so grateful to Rita. She truly changes lives, not just for her clients but for their families also." 


 Brandi, grandmother to a teenager diagnosed with ADHD.  

Rita has guided me, mirrored to me my innate wisdom when I was unable to see it for myself, and has provided tools and care for deep healing and restoration. She has supported me through 3 Panchakarmas, all providing deeper healing and connection to my body and soul.

Beth J. - sales manager

"My life has greatly improved with Rita's guidance and support. She has a knack for how to implement long-term change, is deeply knowledgeable, and is a living example of balance and resilience."


"Rita has been an incredible healer. Her knowledge is vast and I feel very supported by her as I’ve been navigating my health concerns. Ayurveda approaches coupled with my other health support has been exactly what I’ve needed to come into a better, more holistic understand of taking care of myself. Thank you, Rita! Also, her Nidra yoga sessions are very wonderful! She’s has an outstanding voice and tone to lead you through the sessions."

Heidi, teacher

I sought treatment for stomach issues and fatigue following a course of prednisone and antibiotics. I contracted Covid 19 the end of 2021. A month later, I developed severe congestion, coughing and loss of voice for about three weeks. My primary physician at the time prescribed prednisone and antibiotics which quickly helped me to recover. However the state the medication left my digestive system in was almost worse than the upper respiratory infection. My digestion was off and I had frequent diarrhea, bloating and loss of appetite. Rita prepared herbs to sooth my stomach and heal the irritation from the medication. The herbs were easy to take and I felt a noticeable difference in a short time. The stress of an upset stomach and diarrhea at any given time - at work, commuting - quickly eased up lowering my stress level significantly. The herbs and treatment not only helped the symptoms, they more importantly healed my digestion and strengthened my immunity protecting me from further risk of illness. I am grateful for Rita and her extensive knowledge and calming demeanor. Her intake was thorough and detailed. Her instructions were easy to understand and treatment easy to implement. - K.D. 

"I came to Rita in the midst of a healing crises. I was exhausted, physically, emotionally and mentally...In the midst of tremendous pressures, professionally and personally, I intuitively knew that the treatment protocol Abhyanga that Rita provides would be the most expedient form of healing for me. I also knew that I needed someone who could provide this kind of treatment with soothing, nurturing and authentic care. ...Rita's profound healing presence, her sense of calm, her rhythm in applying the treatment, her sensitivity and her kindness all contributed to the depth of healing I experienced with her...Rita will continue to be a healing resource for me. Those who experience her work are truly blessed."

Laura,  therapist, holistic healing teacher

Rita Burgos at REBUILD Ayurveda helped improve my body and mind tremendously, and cultivate a grounded Ayurvedic practice of health, mindfulness and gratitude. I have been experiencing the profound healing effects from Ayurvedic practitioner Rita Burgos at REBUILD Ayurveda since Oct 2019. Rita is remarkably intuitive and gentle with her treatment. I feel accepted and listened to during our Ayurvedic consultations that include Marma work and life coaching to help meet my goals.

Currently, her guidance on women's hormonal balancing has been beneficial in during my midlife transition -- I'm using REBUILD's herbal formulas and supplements that Rita prepares specifically for my individual health concerns; the formulas contain natural organic energetic ingredients, many of which are homegrown. I've benefited tremendously from Rita's Marma energy healing sessions (both in-person and virtually). I really appreciate the virtual sessions that accommodated social distancing requirements during the pandemic in 2020. I have personally experienced her kindness and respectful treatment of all people who enter her practice, and we all cherish the help and time she offers us.


Rita is a deeply caring, intelligent and intuitive practitioner who listens attentively and brings substantial Ayurvedic knowledge to bear with her treatments, all with a palpable desire to help and to honor the individuality of her patient. You will be in good hands!

V.O., Event Organizer

"After seeing Western doctors with only pharmaceutical answers I was fed up. Found Rita through a local yoga studio's detoxifying workshop. Came to Rita with a laundry list of chronic issues: IBS, sleepnessness, anxiety. After only a few months of simple and very effective holistic suggestions, as well as some energy clearing, my laundry has been taken to the cleaners!  I highly recommend Rita if you want to remove those nagging physical or mental issues and are open to an Ayurvedic approach. She is a treasure!"

I adore Rita! I had been working with a homeopathic doctor for a LONG time on health concerns including mold toxicity and POTS - which impacted my thyroid, mood, skin, gut, etc. etc. I was on a lot of expensive supplements, and wasn't sure if they were even working. Finding Rita was so lovely, in that I had someone who was giving me extra support in working toward my goals AND every suggestion she gave me always worked. Working with Rita helped me strengthen my immune and nervous system. I also loved the masks and skincare products she made for me to treat acne!

Brooke, filmmaker

Amy,  film industry professional

" truly a gifted healer. After seeking...throughout L.A...for a practitioner who could support me... she was the only one who...helped me get through some of the most difficult and deep trauma I've experienced in my life...she is... intuitive, insightful, and spiritually grounded...which allows her to understand and address healing at the multi-dimensional level."

Layla, social worker and herbalist

For 3 years I had swelling under my jaw that was painless and fluctuated in size.  X-rays and Ultrasounds showed no signs of a blockage.  It wasn't dental related and no one could figure out what it was.  Blood tests indicated imbalances with my thyroid and liver but nothing was serious.  Through the Ayurvedic program we discovered that the swelling was stress related.  By following the recommendations healing began to occur and lump shrank more and more and is now almost gone.  I'm extremely grateful for Rita, Ayurveda and the new tools, for health, that I have learned about through this process.

Samantha, Record Industry Sales Representative

Rebuild Recovery is EXACTLY what you will receive when you trust  and do the work with Rita leading the way. I almost resigned my self to be on daily medication for the rest of my life.  During my initial meeting with Rita, I received hope and understanding on what was going on with my body. With her leadership and help, I discovered and accepted the changes I needed to make to my lifestyle, diet and mental health. It was scary but I knew I had to make changes for my healing.  With hard work, a few sessions some more intense, but never painful or hard my symptoms disappeared!

After many months I got comfortable and retreated back into some of my old bad habits, my body reacted soon after I had a reoccurrence of my previous symptoms. I immediately reached out to Rita, who listened, offered guidance and understanding and helped me back onto the path of re-healing. Once I started working with Rita again, I immediately began to feel better. Shortly thereafter my symptoms once again went dormant. Eventhough my symptoms were gone, I went to my regular doctor, did all the blood work and other tests. When the results came back, all my levels were in NORMAL RANGE. We did it all without me taking the daily medication recommended.

I'm a forever client and so very thankful for the knowledge, lifestyle changes, and peace I’ve received while working with Rita!

Leslie B.,  accountant

"Over the past year I've been going to Rita to regain balance in my life. Her comprehensive approach to healing is highly effective. She provides simple day to day advice that includes meditation, body work, nutritional supplements that are catered specially to me. Most recently I experienced her Pancha Karma  program. The process helped me release many physical and emotional toxins and make room for healing, love, and overall rejuvenation. Rita is a beautiful teacher for self-reliance, her work is truly healing and transformative." 

Noemi,  non-profit leader

I first went to Rita for a debilitating case of eczema that had broken out all over my body and wouldn't go away, medicine and creams only made it disappear for a short time, but as soon as I stopped taking them it would come right back. Rita helped me treat the actual source of my problem and not just the symptoms. After working with her for a few months my eczema is completely gone and has not come back in two years. Rita teaches you how to listen to your body, how to care for your body and how to love your body. Her light and energy is so amazing, so welcoming and caring. I also started taking her Yoga Nidra classes which have helped me through some seriously difficult times in my life. Rita helps you become whole and strong again.

Diana J. 

Changing lives with Ayurveda
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