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There is no drug and no scientific or physical technique so far discovered that gives rest to the unconscious part of the mind, except the technique of yoga nidra.  -- Swami Rama

Yoga Nidra

Do you know that you have the ability to access a zone of consciousness that supports a strong immune system, relieves anxiety, calms the mind, and brings mental clarity?

Yoga nidra is the art of conscious deep relaxation. Through a simple and profound process, you can access the Yoga Nidra state to improve your health and increase happiness and contentment.  These are not physical exercises, but a practice that is accessible to those who struggle with meditation or those experienced in meditation. Yoga nidra brings you deeper balance internally so your life and health reflect your deepest aspirations.



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Classes & Trainings

Browse and register for upcoming events, sessions, and teacher trainings.


Yoga Nidra sessions with Rita

Work with Rita to develop your own yoga nidra practice. One on one individualized sessions are recorded to practice on your own.

$140 per session (1 hour) 

4 individual session package - $497

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Supporting Research

Scientific research studies that document the benefits of yoga nidra.

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Deepen your practice

Become a certified yoga nidra teacher and practice in your community.

Rita Burgos is a Yoga Nidra Representative with the California College of Ayurveda.  In addition to her clinical practice in Ayurvedic medicine, she leads classes, private sessions, and teacher training programs in classically-based Yoga Nidra.   

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