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Healing ADD/ADHD

Is this program for you?  The answer is yes if you are:

  • Looking for holistic alternatives to prescription drugs.  Ayo Ayurveda does not make changes to your prescription medications.  However, we can work with you and your MD as a team to help you reach your goal of transitioning off prescription drugs.

  • Want to address the root cause of your ADD / ADHD.  Ayo Ayurveda looks for the deeper causes of your struggles.

  • Searching for routines and daily practices that maintain your balance, focus, and concentration. Ayo Ayurveda supports you to gradually implement changes that build a new foundation for your life. 

Contact for information and to schedule your first consultation.  

Children and Teenagers

"Rita turned my grandson's life around. He was really suffering with ADHD and Tourettes. He is 17 starting college and finishing his last semester. The ability to focus was so bad he was really thinking of going on medication. Then we found Rita, with her calm manner, her suggestions at life changes, herbs and yoga he is another person. He is laughing again, smiling, very affectionate instead of always so angry and frustrated. We are so grateful to Rita for helping him to make positive life changes. I wish the teachers had a mandatory course in Ayurvedic healing and what it can do for their students. We are so grateful to Rita. She truly changes lives, not just for her clients but for their families also." 


 Brandi, grandmother to a teenager diagnosed with ADHD.  

Transitioning from Prescription Drugs

In mid January, I discovered that I was pregnant! I'm now 3.5 months pregnant and couldn't be happier. I just wanted to THANK YOU for all your support and guidance because my goal of getting off the medication and getting pregnant wouldn't have been possible without you showing me that it was.

Stephanie, diagnosed with ADHD, successfully transitioned from Ritalin with the help of Ayurveda

Learn the tools TODAY to thrive and live a new and fulfilled life

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