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Pain Relief

Living with pain impacts every aspect of life.  When in pain, you simply want relief. You may feel dependent on opioid pain killers despite knowing the dangers of long terms use.  But there are alternatives.

Through an integrated approach combining herbs, Ayurvedic body therapies, therapeutic exercises, nutritional recommendations, lifestyle modifications and stress reduction tools, the Rebuild|Recovery program offers alternatives to long term use of narcotic pain medications.  If you are currently taking prescription pain killers, we collaborate with your medical team to provide the healthiest transition to reducing your pain with less dependency on opioids.


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A Successful Transition from Opioids

"In July of 2014 I was diagnosed with a chronic pain disorder. By October 2015 I was placed on morphine extended release to help my pain. The morphine did its job and helped with my pain, but I did not feel like myself any more. My other concern was becoming dependent upon morphine. I voiced my concern to my primary care doctor and she suggested I try Ayurvedic medicine. I was lucky enough to find Rita.  We worked together to form a treatment plan and made sure to include my MD. After some time, I decided along with insight from both my primary care MD and Rita that it was time to start weaning off of the morphine. It was very hard, but I was able to come off of it. I know not everyone has the same set of circumstances, but there are alternatives out there. I am still working on healing my core issues, but I am doing so in a way I feel works with my body not against it. Without trying an alternative method, I might not be where I am today."

- Marie, successfully transitioned from morphine for pain related to endometriosis

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