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Rebuild | Recovery Program

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Start with a 15 minute information session. 

If a ship sails around the world, changing its coordinates by just one degree will change the final destination by 500 miles. Ayo Ayurveda's Rebuild | Recovery  comprehensive program supports you to successfully implement these one degree shifts daily. Rebuild | Recovery offers therapies and self-care tools so you can implement changes to bring your life to a new destination.

The cornerstone of the Rebuild | Recovery Program offers a comprehensive approach to support healing from physical and emotional conditions. Because every client is unique, an individualized program is created to help turn a person's life around.  The comprehensive program is the recommended approach for anyone suffering from chronic physical or emotional diseases.


Rebuild | Recovery consists of the following:

  • Organic, healing herbs, individually designed and prepared

  • Balancing routines to calm and heal your life

  • Individualized food and exercise programs

  • Meditation and stress reduction tools

  • Support for trauma recovery

  • Ayurvedic Body Therapies (herbal oil therapies, therapeutic steam treatment, and energy healing sessions) to balance your energy and help to calm nerves.  Long distance clients will learn how to implement variations of these therapies on your own

In-Person or Long Distance Consultations 

Consultations can be done in-person or long distance.  You will get a comprehensive assessment and recommendations  to boost your immune system and strengthen your emotional health.  The recommendations will include components of the Rebuild | Recovery program: nutrition, exercise, stress-reduction, herbal formulas, and healthy routines.  Shorter follow-up consultations will help you maintain the changes and modify your program based on your progress.  Email for more information.  

Healing with Herbs

Herbal medicine is integrated into many aspects of a client’s healing program.  Rebuild | Recovery individualizes herbal treatment programs, including designing and preparing the herbal formulas in powders, capsules, oils, and medicated ghee.  In addition, clients are taught how to integrate healing herbs and spices into their food.  Traditional Ayurvedic herbs and western herbs are part of the Rebuild | Recovery pharmacy.  

Healing herbal formulas, powders, capsules, oils, medicated ghee
Nutritional Therapy - Address Your Vikruti and get back to your natural Prakruti
Nutritional Therapy

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  -Hippocrates

Many chronic illnesses start first with the digestive system.  According to Ayurveda, the food you eat is the building block for the strength of all the tissues in your body (bones, fats, skin, organs, etc.).  Even if your primary symptoms are not related to your digestive system, The Rebuild | Recovery program integrates a healing food program, because it is intimately tied to all aspects of your health, including your emotional balance. 


Understanding what food is best for you and creating healthy eating habits is an integral part of healing (Yes, you will learn why Brussels sprouts may be good for one person, but not for you!). Each client is assessed for their individual prakruti (genetic blueprint) and vikruti (current state of imbalance).  From this assessment, an individualized food program is designed for you.  This will include the best type of food for you, items to avoid, the best time and environment for eating to maximize digestive health, and herbal supplements to strengthen digestion. 


Integrating changes in our diet can be very challenging.  Support is offered so that the changes you make will be sustainable for a lifetime, not a fad diet that goes away after a few weeks.  

Meditation & Stress Reduction Tools
Meditation & Stress Reduction Tools


Stress related illnesses account for 60 to 90 percent of doctor’s visits in the U.S., according to the Benson-Henry Institute. Insomnia, heart attacks, panic attacks, digestive distress: these are all conditions that are exacerbated and sometimes caused by stress and an inability for our bodies to regulate and relax.  


Evidence-based meditation and deep relaxation techniques are integrated into the healing program. A five-year medical study from Harvard Medical School showed that meditation actually affects the physiology of the body and mind. “The kinds of things that happen when you meditate do have effects throughout the body, not just in the brain,” stated John Denniger, a psychiatrist leading the study at Harvard Medical School.

Ayurvedic Body Therapies


Ayurveda is considered the oldest system of medicine in the world, and has a long and rich history of utilizing specialized forms of massage and other hands-on treatments to maintain and restore health.  All Ayurvedic body therapies help restore the body's natural intelligence and healthy functioning.  An individualized program may include the following:


  • deeply relaxing and detoxifying Ayurvedic massage (abhyanga)

  • steam treatment (svedana) that promotes healthy circulation

  • energy healing (marma therapy) that restores the proper flow of energy throughout your body

  • a head and throat detoxification (nasya) to clear blockages 

  • a treatment to bring nourishment and balance to the heart (hrid basti)

  • colon detoxification and rejuvenation (niruha and anuvasana basti)

  • head detoxification therapy (nasya)

  • healing oil therapies for the knees, lower back, neck/thyroid

  • vigorous dry body brushing to stimulate detoxification (garshana)


Energy Balancing Therapy to Improve Your Prana
Life Coaching, Lifestyle Counseling
Life Coaching


You may have heard the words “balanced life” or a “fulfilling life.” It all sounds good, but if you don't know how to accomplish that in your daily life, the words are meaningless and frustrating. Coaching, which includes lifestyle and life purpose counseling, is at the core of the healing program. 


Lifestyle counseling involves food recommendations for your unique body/mind constitution, stress reduction techniques, exercise, meditation, and sleep routines. How you live your life is the foundation of good health. 


Connecting to your life purpose is important to your healing. When you have a compelling reason to truly live, your body and immune system have reason to thrive. Feeling positive about life every day when you wake up creates new pathways in your brain, reducing negativity, anger, jealousy, depression, and other life-depleting emotional traits. 



There are toxins in the food we eat, the air we breathe, cleaning and building supplies, and much more. Our bodies are facing a toxic overload, which limits our ability to function at its best, which impedes nutritional absorption. In Ayurveda, we use the term ama to describe toxins. It literally means “that which harms or weakens” because that is what toxins do in our body. It encourages growth of bacteria, fungus, and parasites. Toxins in the digestive tract overflow from the digestive system, interfering with normal functions by coating the cells of the body with a toxic layer.  

Detoxification is central to an Ayurvedic healing program.  Ayo Ayurveda offers Panchakarma, which is the most powerful Ayurvedic detoxification therapy. In addition to Panchakarma, changes are recommended in diet and routines that will decrease the toxic overload on the system.

Detoxification Through Pancha Karma, Nasya - Rid Your Body of Ama (toxins)
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