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Stress Reduction for Companies and Non-Profits

 An organization that is not addressing its self-care needs will inevitably create dysfunction within an organization.  Rebuild|Recovery is committed to building healthy and vibrant environments in your company and organization to maximize staff satisfaction, dedication, effectiveness, and vision. 

  • High levels of burn-out and exhaustion for staff and leadership

  • Unhealthy, reactive communication within an organization

  • Unhealthy lifestyle habits among staff and leadership that decrease effectiveness and overall contentment

With Rebuild|Recovery, the approach focuses on these components:

  • Yoga Nidra: a simple, deep relaxation practice that quiets the mind, calms the nervous system, and strengthens the immune system.  The practice promotes self-awareness, clear choices, and less reactive communication.   It is a process that is being used throughout the country, such as in VA hospitals to address PTSD for veterans.  Evidence based research shows powerful results for these conditions: depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, addiction.

  • Health Counseling: Rebuild|Recovery teaches simple and effective lifestyle changes that reduce stress and promote better health.  Through group classes and individualized plans for staff,  these shifts in nutrition, sleep and excercise can change the health and happiness for each individual and ultimately an organization.  

Contact to learn more about programs for companies and non-profits.

Effective Support

"As a non-profit organization working on voter mobilization during a presidential election year, our staff was under increased stress. We brought Rita in to lead us in a series of stress-reducing meditation and learning sessions. Rita's guided Yoga Nidra meditation helped our staff learn how to access their deep relaxation switch and face the work with more ease and less anxiety. Over 90% of staff reported feeling better after the sessions and want to continue the practice. Our staff members are also more motivated overall to focus on self-care, healthier habits and creating a better work-life balance. We will definitely bring Rita back and highly recommend her services. Wellness in the workplace is a must for any organization or company seeking to function at optimum capacity with greater morale, team spirit, efficacy and productivity!" 

Naomi Boas, SCOPE Los Angeles, Development Coordinator

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