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Rebuild | Recovery Program

The cornerstone of the Rebuild | Recovery Program offers a comprehensive approach to support healing from physical and emotional conditions. Because every client is unique, an individualized program is created to help turn a person's life around.  The comprehensive program is the recommended approach for anyone suffering from chronic physical or emotional diseases.


Rebuild | Recovery consists of the following:

  • Organic, healing herbs, individually designed and prepared

  • Balancing routines to calm and heal your life

  • Individualized food and exercise programs

  • Meditation and stress reduction tools

  • Support for trauma recovery

  • Ayurvedic Body Therapies (herbal oil therapies, therapeutic steam treatment, and energy healing sessions) to balance your energy and help to calm nerves.  Long distance clients will learn how to implement variations of these therapies on your own.  

Long Distance Consultations 

With long distance consultations, you will get a comprehensive assessment and recommendations  to boost your immune system and strengthen your emotional health.  The recommendations will include components of the Rebuild | Recovery program: nutrition, exercise, stress-reduction, herbal formulas, and healthy routines.  Shorter follow-up consultations will help you maintain the changes and modify your program based on your progress.  Email for more information.  

A Unique Program for Addiction

The Rebuild | Recovery program also offers unique support for healing from addiction - alcohol, drugs, pain killers/prescription drug medication and other compulsive behaviors.  Integrating lifestyle changes, repatterning practices, herbal medicine, body therapies and  healing from trauma, the program can be done in conjunction with other programs, such as 12-Step.    For a complimentary consultation, rates and more information, contact us.



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