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 The Ayo Ayurveda program uses a comprehensive approach, unique for each individual,  to support healing from physical and emotional conditions.  Rita Burgos, Doctor of Ayurveda and Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist in Los Angeles, offers therapies, hand-crafted herbal remedies and self-care tools to help  bring your life to a new destination of health and well-being.

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Comprehensive Healing

Ayurvedic consultations are offered long distance or in-person.  With deep listening and attentive support, your healing program is designed to alleviate suffering and address the root causes of your challenges.  Learn More

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"Yoga nidra can be life altering -- opening a door to deeper and more transformative meditative states.  Rita has an amazing ability to set the perfect environment for learning.  She is an amazing example, clearly lives the practice, and has great personal knowledge of the subject."

- Gail, Teacher Training Participant

Looking for Panchakarma in Los Angeles, California? Panchakarma peels away toxins through a multi-step process, allowing your body to reset and connect with its innate capacity to maintain balance. Panchakarma is one of the most powerful therapeutic tools in Ayurveda, both as a preventative tool and as a therapeutic tool to support the healing from disease and imbalances.  Learn More

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