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Let there be light... A Simple Resetting Break

Do you ever feel like you're racing through the day, going from one task to another without ever replenishing? Do you have work that involves you staring at a computer for hours? Even in the midst of a busy day, there is a simple way to reset and replenish throughout the day.

Have you experienced the simple purity of rising sun? That sense of an expanding light can play a very purifying role in your life. When you are feeling stressed or simply needing to clear your mind, try this light visualization.

Take a moment to close your eyes and simply visualize light that starts from either the crown of your head or your heart. If you are starting from the crown of your head, allow the light to slowly move down through your face, your arms, finger tips, your torso, and then down through your legs and feet. If you are starting the visualization from your heart, allow the light to slowly expand from your heart and expand into your torso and then through your arms, your face and then through your legs. After you have allowed the light to expand throughout your body, visualize the light surrounding every cell of your body.

This visualization can take 30 seconds or two minutes. It can be done anywhere and at any time. Eyes closed are usually preferred, but if you don't want to close your eyes or you're in a setting where you can't, the light visualization can also be done with your eyes open. Here are some suggestions for when you can practice:

  • Before starting the engine in your car

  • Turning away from your computer to get a screen break

  • Before eating

  • Before sleeping

  • Whenever you feel like you've been moving mindlessly from errand to anoter

  • Before any event that produces any increased level of stress, from public speaking to taking a test.

The doorway to light exists inside of you. Let the light in!

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