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Simple Steps to Support Detoxification

Removing ama, a Sanskrit word which translates to "that which harms or weakens," is fundamental to maintaining health in the Ayurvedic tradition. There are different signs that someone has excess ama in the body. You may see it as a thick coating on their tongue, have significant body odor or bad breath, experience excess sluggishness or even experience a lack of mental clarity.

Ama is a toxin created in response to poor digestion. It overflows from the digestive system, interfering with normal functions by coating the cells of the body It encourages growth of bacteria, fungus, parasites and their toxins. In addition, excess ama impedes nutrient absorption.

The transition from summer to fall is a great time to participate in an Ayurvedic detox called Pancha Karma, a unique detox protocol that gently removes toxins (ama) that coat the internal tissues of the body.

if you aren't able to do a full detox, here are some simple steps that you can pay special attention to implementing in the transition from summer to fall:

1.Scrape your tongue every morning

2.Warm lemon water every morning will stimulate your bowels.

3.Eat your largest meal of the day at lunch, second largest at breakfast, and smallest at dinner

4.Dry body brushing at least 5x/week

5.Sip on a digestive tea throughout the day that is appropriate for your constitution.

These are practices that can be practiced throughout the year!

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