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With Just One Change...

One Change Can Do So Much...

It takes only a one degree change in temperature to convert water to steam or indeed water to ice. There are so many one degree shifts that you can take and when you make them daily, transformation happens in your life.

A change that seems small can create a cascade of positive unintended shifts in your life. Try these "one degree" changes and observe if you see shifts.

- Go to bed by 10pm: - Reduced anxiety, increased energy, a feeling of morning accomplishment, a deeper contentment, healthier, regular elimination.

- Make lunch be your largest meal of the day - Improved digestion, weight loss, a deeper sense of calmness knowing that your dinner can be light and simple

- Chew food to an even consistency - Increased nutrient absorption and more digestive enzymes. Mindful, calm eating.

- Eat in a calm environment - Improves digestion and provides a space to to mentally change gears and rejuvenate before you move on to the next set of activities.

- Turn off cell phones 90 minutes before bedtime - Allows nervous system to be more prepared for a restful sleep. Creates spaces to calmly close a day of activites, such as getting ready for bed, meditating, taking some time to clean your house or emptying your active brain with a to-do list for the next day.

- Just 10 minutes on a trampoline every day - Improves lymphatic circulation and detoxification, increases available cellular energy, strengthens skeletal system and increases bone mass

Pick the one degree shift that you want to implement and stick with it until it becomes part of your life. After you make that one degree shift, then add on another shift. One shift done consistently is far more effective than many short-lived experiments that come in and out of your life.


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