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Role of the Yoga Nidra Teacher - Supporting the Will

What is the role of the yoga nidra teacher? While the core practice is guiding individuals through individual or group classes, there are many other dimensions when one opens the door for others' healing through yoga nidra. Today, I want to talk about will. In this next series of blog posts, I'll share different dimensions about the work of a yoga nidra teacher.

As yoga nidra teachers, we create space for others to strengthen their will. All creation exists because of will.

A wish is something that you may not really believe will happen. For example, you could say that you want to become the king of England, but you really know that will not happen.

An intention is stronger than a wish because you intend to make something happen.

But the idea of will is even stronger. Will has dynamic power. It includes a commitment to action until that blueprint that you have created is fulfilled.

Will is neutral. What is created from the dynamic power of will can be good or bad for an individual or the world. Our unresolved trauma, our tensions, our fears may connect to creative instincts that may not reflect our highest aspirations. As yoga nidra teachers, however, we support individuals to peel away layers of tension so that they can connect more deeply to the highest aspect of themselves and what that highest aspect wants to create.

Will that is in service to the world is usually born out of deep inner reflection. As yoga nidra teachers, we create the space to still the noise so that this powerful inner reflection can happen.

Yoga nidra teachers learn how to guide individuals into connecting with their healing sankalpa (amplified intention). When your students leave their yoga nidra practice with their clarity of their sankalpa, they will have an even more clear blueprint for how they can direct their will with concentrated action.

Creating that sacred space for yoga nidra healing is more than leading a calming practice. We are creating spaces for personal and thus societal transformation. If you're interested in becoming a certified Yoga Nidra Teacher or if you've ever had an interest in becoming a meditation teacher, learn more.

About the writer: Rita Burgos is a Yoga Nidra Teacher Trainer for the California College of Ayurveda and a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist. She trains and certifies Yoga Nidra teachers online for individuals around the world and in-person teacher trainings in Los Angeles.


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